January 18, 2018

Tamara & Goran :: Croatia Wedding photographer

Croatia Wedding Photography
Sometimes, in the middle of ordinary life, love comes and turns it all into a fairytale. But, what it takes to have a fairytale, you might wonder? Is a stunning, mighty castle enough? Do fairytales always have to consist of a knight in shiny armor, striving to get the hand of his beloved one? The tale of this wedding has both.

However, it was not the castle, nor the shiny armor what turned this tale into a fairytale. The promise of their happy ending lies in their strong willingness to merge their kingdoms into one. Tamara and Goran’s wedding is all about classic romance that never gets old. Here is my representation of their modern fairytale, captured in the neverending photography inspiration – the fascinating castle Traskošćan and its picturesque surroundings.



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