Đurin weddings Val d'Orcia
November 3, 2018

Unique Love Story :: Tuscany

Wedding Photography

Things often get better when you give them a little twist. But, place that twist in the middle of magical and vibrant Tuscany, and you can expect unexpected. In the beginning, we planned a laidback road trip, with the goal of creating some lovely couple photos. Finally, everything turned into a whirlwind of intense emotions. We found ourselves in the enchanting Val D’Orcia. Our mission was capturing the fondness they share as a couple. Little did we know about the dreamy surprise he had upon his sleeve. The story of their love is now as unique as their personalities. Their story will hereafter remain remembered as a sudden godsend but also as a precious gift. They  gifted me with an experience and inspiration like never seen before. Now it’s my turn give them a gift – a heartwarming and emotional story as seen through my lens.


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