Croatia Wedding Photographer

If you have just typed Croatia wedding photographer, and you have landed on my page, nice to meet you; I’m Marko, a wedding photographer from Croatia and the guy behind the Đurin Weddings brand.

On this location page, I’m going to explain what kind of vision I have for your wedding photography in Croatia, present some of my photos in my portfolio, and suggest several wedding destinations in Croatia, including Zagreb, my hometown and headquarters of Đurin Weddings.

My Vision of Your Wedding Photography

The vision that drives me through the wedding photography process is to create timeless photos that the couples who hired me will be able to enjoy for years to come.

That’s why I don’t pose my couples; I seek and capture the most intimate moments and raw emotions happening throughout the wedding day, preserving them for eternity.

To be able for this demanding task, my mission is to get to know couples I capture with my Canon camera to the point where we are basically friends and fellow travelers through the wedding day journey.

One of the ways to get to know each other better is a pre-wedding photoshoot session.

Pre-wedding photography in Croatia

As the wedding day is too hectic for newlyweds, the ideal way to spend intimate moments with their closest relatives and friends is a pre-wedding party, which is usually organized a few days before the wedding.

To be sure that these cherished moments won’t be forgotten, pre-wedding photo shooting is a solution. As I mentioned, pre-wedding photography is a perfect way to break the ice between a loving couple and their wedding photographer.

Therefore, if you are looking for a photographer for your pre-wedding photography in Croatia, Đurin Weddings should be your choice.

Wedding Photoshoot

A wedding photoshoot captures the special moments and memories of a wedding day, consisting of photographs of newlyweds and their guests on their wedding day. The photos may be taken at the wedding ceremony, reception, and other locations.

The photoshoot is an important part of the wedding experience, as the photos will serve as lasting memories of the day for the couple and their loved ones.

Elopement wedding photographer

Elopement weddings are intimate, often spontaneous events where a couple forego a traditional wedding ceremony and exchange vows in a private, often unexpected location.

Because elopement weddings are carefully planned and take place in non-traditional settings, it is crucial to hire a photographer skilled at capturing candid, natural moments and with experience shooting in various environments.

Contact me if you are looking for an experienced and highly skilled elopement wedding photographer. I’ll help you document your special day by creating beautiful, lasting memories of your unique and intimate celebration.

Wedding Photos in My Portfolio

To introduce my photography work, I am sharing with you some of the wedding photos I have taken of many couples who put their trust in me.

Since I know how important the wedding day is to the newlyweds, I always go the extra mile to satisfy them with their wedding photos.

Wedding destinations in Croatia

Croatia is a beautiful country with a rich history and culture, and it offers many stunning locations that would make a wonderful setting for a wedding.

From the ancient walls of Dubrovnik to the picturesque islands of the Adriatic Sea, Croatia has a variety of breathtaking landscapes that would provide a romantic and memorable backdrop for your special day.

We mustn’t forget to mention Zagreb County and Zagreb itself, along with Istra, Gorski Kotar, Croatian Zagorje, and many other stunning wedding destinations.

Wedding in Zagreb

Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia and one of the most beautiful places for a wedding ceremony.

The city has many stunning venues, including historic churches, museums, and outdoor spaces with breathtaking views.

Some popular venues for weddings in Zagreb include Ranch Kurilovec, Katran, Šumica, La Grma, Corberon near Zagreb, and other breathtaking places of the Croatian capital.

Other wedding venues in Croatia

I already mentioned Dubrovnik, its ancient walls, and the Adriatic islands in Croatia as beautiful scenery for a wedding photoshoot.

Croatia Wedding Photographer

Yet, Croatia has many other stunning wedding venues, like Split, a city located on the Adriatic Sea, known for its rich history, cultural landmarks, and attractive beaches, or the Istra region and its beautiful scenery and coastal towns.

Some popular wedding venues in Istra include the ancient Roman town of Pula, the picturesque city of Rovinj, and the stunning beaches of Umag. I also must mention Grožnjan, known as the “City of artists,” a small town with narrow streets, historical landmarks, and a beautiful setting with a unique atmosphere.

Unforgettable Wedding Day Session

The wedding day session is dedicated only to newlyweds and their special moments during the wedding day. The goal of a wedding photo session is to capture beautiful, timeless images that the couple can cherish for years to come.

Also, some common wedding day elements include group shots of the bridal party, close-ups of the couple, and candid photos of guests enjoying the reception and party.

These photos are typically taken by a professional and experienced photographer, who will use various techniques to capture the mood and atmosphere of the occasion.

Therefore, if you want to get the best in wedding photography and ensure that your special day is captured forever, but in the way you want, contact Đurin Weddings and book a meeting with me.

Book your dream wedding photographer today and capture every special moment on your big day!