Being a Mangart wedding photographer is a unique experience. I believe you have concluded by now that I really love nature, especially the mountains. I get a lot of inspiration from locations like this one. This time, after the wedding of Jelena and Antonio, I embarked on an entirely new adventure with them. The only thing that mattered to us all was that it was nature, far from everything. After 15 minutes of thinking, I knew where to take them. We headed for the Mangart Mountain, which is part of the beautiful Julian Alps, located on the border between Slovenia and Italy, and reaches an incredible 2,679 meters above sea level. During the shooting, we mostly stayed at 2300 meters. Jelena and Antonio are one of those couples who radiate the love they have for each other, as can be seen from the attached. I decided to blog only with these photos from Mangart to focus solely on them. At one point, they changed their vows, and although I was at a distance to give them some privacy, I heard part of the vows and was very touched with what I heard, and at the same time, incredibly grateful for witnessing such beautiful moment between two people. For me, moments like this are a true blessing. Take a look at the photos and enjoy.


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